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Sabarimala in 1942- Image
14/02/2010 11:42:33  

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Santhanam Soundararajan
21/01/2012 09:15:46
About this rare photograph
Can you please translate the malayalam writing to english. I am unable to see the holy 18 steps in the temple complex. Swami Ayyappan will bless the one who posted this photo. I wish the Devosam Board authenticate this photo.
S.R. Rao
10/03/2010 02:11:40
Sabarimala 1942 photo a rare treasure
Very many thanks to whomsoever got hold of this rarest of the rare photo and posted the same here. A greatest treasure in any Ayyappa devotee's life. Imagine what a peaceful place and pollution free environment would it have been then. 5
21/02/2010 04:53:20
Many Thanks
Most precious photo, Many thanks. 5
21/02/2010 04:53:20
Many Thanks
Most precious photo, Many thanks. 5
19/02/2010 05:56:51
Really a precious image ..thanks for this post .... feel very happy .. 5
18/02/2010 05:24:05
Rare of the Rarest
Your photograph of the Holy Shrine is nothing but a treasure, which is rare of the rarest.
Should that Giant Tree nearer on the right hand side to the photographer "WAS" the Stala Vriksham?
Pls compare the size & trunk of that tree! with that of others in that photograph. Should be one of the Ancient Species Indeed!
Seeing the position of level and by approximate distance, the Tree should be near or right on the present Maaligaipuram Temple.
It is just a guess. Your photograph will surely kindle several thoughts to any true Ayyappa Devotee.
Swamiye Saranam Aiyappa 5



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